WinningPonies Saratoga Picks Remain HOT

by Horstradamus

posted on August 19, 2007 in Handicapping, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

We had several big winners today. Unfortunately due to a few misses in between, it blew our chances for cashing in on several monster Pick 3/4s.

  • In the 1st race, we had the $7.90 winner Star Dixie on top.
  • In the 3rd race, we had the winner Pulla Fast One in our top tier. He paid $44 to win.
  • In the 4th race, we had the lock Grand Champion on top, who only paid $3.80 to win.
  • In the 6th race, our 2nd pick False I.D. paid $10.20 to win.
  • In the 7th race, we had the reverse $69.00 exacta on top which included the $23.60 winner Again and Again. With our 6th race winner, we also had the hefty $148.50 Double. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the show finisher in the 7th race to nail the Trifecta.
  • In the 9th race, our key on top, Revved Up, won and paid $4.00. In addition, you would have had the $29.60 Exacta if you took our next 3 horses for 2nd, and $376.00 Trifecta if you took our next 6 horses for 3rd.
  • In the 10th race, we had the $35.20 winner Brushed Prince in our top tier. Along with the 9th race winner, you would have collected a very decent $95.50 for the Double.

Yet again, a very profitable day at the Spa…