DEMOLISHED Lone Star – 4 Pick 3s, 1 Pick 4, 4 Superfectas and 2 COLD Trifectas

by Horstradamus

posted on October 11, 2007 in Handicapping, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

Today was one of those fun days at Lone Star.  It was a full quarter horse card, and it seemed we could do no wrong.   We started off with a nice $133.80 Superfecta in the 1st race with our lock, Halfway A Streak, winning and paying $4.40.    Thanks to an $11.60 winner in the 2nd race, our $2 Pick 3 from races 1-3 paid $261.20.  In the 4th race, our top picks ran 1-2-3.  The COLD Trifecta paid $93.20 and the Superfecta paid $255.40.   The $2 Pick 3 from races 2-4 paid off an impressive $438.00.   We continued in the 5th race with a $9.80 winner on top and a COLD $33.20 Exacta.  We also had the $101.20 Trifecta and $683.60 Superfecta (for $2).  The $2 Pick 3 from races 3-5 paid $267.40, but even better, the $2 Pick 4 (races 2-5) paid a WHOPPING $1,723.40!  We also had the winner in the 6th, giving us another $2 Pick 3 (races 4-6) of $218.20.    We capped off this ridiculously impressive day with a COLD Trifecta in the 9th which paid $123.20.  With our 6th pick running 4th, the Superfecta paid $1031.40 for $2.  I am sure some of our customers cashed in on a few of these opportunities today.