ROCKED Evangeline Downs AGAIN – Hit FIRST SIX Pick 3s, Late Double

by Horstradamus

posted on November 4, 2007 in Handicapping, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

You may wonder how we do it. We already received a TESTIMONIAL from someone who hit all the Pick 3s with us at Evangeline on Friday. Now we did it again. We hit ALL the Pick 3s from races 1-8 (and they all paid good prices)! We took a breather in the 9th race (missed the $35 winner), but then hit the late Double (races 10-11) for a decent $60.60. The $2 Pick 3s paid $814.40 (races 1-3), $751.40 (races 2-4), $200.60 (races 3-5), $292.20 (races 4-6), $190.60 (races 5-7) and $135.20 (races 6-8). We’d love to hear from those of you who cashed in again with us at Evangeline Downs!