Racing is Back in the Motor City

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 20, 2008 in News, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

Has it been ten years already? The old Detroit race course closed it seems just yesterday. In the final race, the winning rider was Lester C. Knight and he was heckled the race before for not winning. Well, it seems as luck would have it old Lester turned the tables on the Detroit crowd, and drew away by five all the while giving the number one symbol to the crowd… Ah, the old days…

Racing has returned, and in a big way. is covering Pinnacle Race Course, and this new oval will be one for fans of all walks to pay attention.  This new track located in Huron Township is starting to draw attention. The first phase was a $142 million dollar investment, and I think they are planning on keeping racing alive in the area.

Ever growing competition, the economy, and many other factors have hindered racing. But, in the state of Illinois things are beginning to flourish again. There is a state of the art facility, and a track that horsemen are raving about. The inaugural season features a $50,000 Lansing Stake. Not bad for a track just getting its legs. So how does this work in your favor? When money and plans are being made to keep the Michigan breeding and racing alive and kicking this is something you will want to pay attention to before going to the windows. Seek out professional guidance on the runners before going to the track. This is a new track, and you’ll want to arm yourself with all of the weaponry to make your day a winning one.

There are 63 days in the meet, and they run: Tuesdays, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The bugler has played, and the people are flocking to the windows, and racing is back. You’ll want to keep up with the races, but be sure to arm yourself with appropriate handicapping materials.