5,000 Reasons to Be Thankful

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 28, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, News | No Comments >>

Those of us that have been lucky enough to watch Kent Desormeaux ride a Thoroughbred, can count their self as a lucky player who has seen one of the greats to grace the saddle.

He rode number 4,998 on July 7th and went into a mini slump going 0 for 30.  He finally rode number 4,999 last Wednesday. Now, that is painstaking… Number 5,000 came aboard Bella Attrice at Saratoga, and I don’t think there could have been a better place in the world to light up the town.. He is a long way from Louisiana and the East Coast tracks early in his career. And if you think he forgot where he came from, you can hear it an accent that has been citified over the years.

For a guy that has three Derby victories, Eclipse Titles from 1989 and 1992, and was the National Apprentice of the year in 1987, he still has to prove himself everyday. This sport as with all, is a what have you done lately fraternity. The fans can be in love one minute, and fickle as an 8th grade romance the next.  His trip this past year with Big Brown is evidence of the fact of the love/hate relationship of racing.  Upon winning the Derby this year we bought all of the stock we could that we were seeing the next Big Red. The Preakness showed a degree of professionalism, and cured all of the boo-birds who thought 2008 was just another year. Then came the Belmont on June 7th, a day that Kent will not forget anytime soon.

What happened? Does anyone really know? Does Iavaronne? Does Dutrow? Does Kent know? These have been ripped apart for history to dissect for years to come. But today is a good day. The bad clouds have passed, and Kent D has joined a special club. He is just getting rolling, and don’t count him out.. That is for sure. The 0 for 30 slump has been faced before, and this young man from Cajun country can get the job done.  Big Brown is getting cranked up again, and he is getting another shot at picking up where he left off.  First stop the Haskell, and from there is anyone’s guess.  It really doesn’t matter. When you reach this level, you have made it. But don’t forget, post time is tomorrow, and the fans, the media, and the world watches your every move. So take a breath, Kent. Enjoy the moment, because it is almost post time and you’ll be looking at your next milestone starting the next day you ride.