Change The Channel

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 4, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | No Comments >>

It’s no secret that Macrovision, the parent company that acquired TVG / Gemstar TV Guide earlier this year, has them on the block for sale. The Swiss-based financial group UBS is shopping around the racing channel, and it probably will be taken over by an entity in the racing community.

Long story short. Why do we need two or more channels showcasing racing? Does Tennis? Golf? Race cars? Even fishing has a home. We need to bring the game together. Is it possible that all factions that own pieces of the two companies come together and roll out a HUGE production that will attract more fans, keep our current fans happy, and provide more quality information. There will always be the ADW sites that can show smaller tracks, and keep the IV line open all the time. This is an opportunity to come together, share the product and make history. I would love to see it happen.

In a time when we need to keep our fast food lifestyle of having every race shown, we could trade this in for having the best in racing TV. How about it? Only the best to watch, and there will be no boundaries to divide players from the opportunity to watch. One channel, one place for racing, and putting down the remote. No need to keep flipping back and forth. Our sport is going to grow up and be big time. Just think. No more wondering what station to watch. One stop, and let the action roll. Two minutes to post. What channel are we going to watch?