A Million Reasons to Bet Today

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 8, 2008 in Handicapping, Horse Racing, Other Events, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

Today is the Arlington Million.

The best runners visit the beautiful oval in Chicago, and you can bet the show has been worth the wait. This is a day where you will want to check in with WinningPonies.com before you make your first wager (check our results in last year’s Million).

A day of this size promises a few things for players. The first being a great deal of value for your basic wagers. The pools will be huge, and a typical 2-1 shot may go off near 5-2. The public is watching some of the best runners in the world, and finding favorites is no easy task.  This is why you will need your guidance in finding that value. The second, is that you will find GREAT value in Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s. All it takes is one lukewarm runner to beat an odds on favorite, and you will be the fat cat.

So, before you wager today know a few things that are constant: the polytrack will be fast, the turf should have some give to it (and favor European runners), and WinningPonies.com should be dialed in for this wagering cornucopia. Today is your day. How much do you want to win?