A New Day

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 11, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | 1 Comment >>

All players start out being a little hesitant about jumping into the game of racing. If you can count to 21, you think you can play blackjack; if you have a handful of coins, you are headed to the slots; and the number of games that call your name at casinos and online seem to have your number.

The days of open comps are gone when you make your trips to casinos. They have been replaced by robots in suits that echo the same lines over and over and never seem to have an answer. You are not a player, patron, or guest. You are a number. Sound warm and fuzzy?  Let’s try another game where as Norm would say, “where everyone knows your name.”

This is not your grandpas game. No smoke filled rooms where guys are talking in code. The game of racing is appealing to all demographics, and the growing segment is women. The men still hold sway, but I like to see everyone cheering and jumping up and down as their pony rolls for home. Have you ever seen anyone have that electric look at the roulette table?

The game is changing. We love to bet from home, OTB’s, and make occasional trips to the tracks. The trip is worth the time. To spend a day at the track was a magical time. Now, you can wear sweats and play on your computer. We need to find that way to market to younger players. Let’s create from the bottom up with a brand new level of player. Get people involved.

We need more tutorials on track websites. The new crowd is more savvy, and loves the info. Take a look at poker on TV. Need I say more? Have beginner seminars. Break down the barriers, and take the game to the people. We need games to play for fun on the computer for prizes. This will instill confidence, and the better you get playing at home, the more comfortable you will feel playing at the track. It is all about feeling good. The sun on your face, the ponies taking the track, and cashing your first winning ticket. That day will not be forgotten soon.

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  1. horsegold says:

    This blog resonates with me. And yes, games are changing. Demystifying horse racing to allow people from all backgrounds to get in on the action is imperative. This can take the form of expanding the radius of resources and instilling confidence through simulations.

    Us younger crowds have an appetite that is far from quenched in these media-crazed times. They tell us to start investing now, that time is on our side. Well, how are we to use avenues of wealth-building without the proper guidance. Pawn us for our money to make the pot bigger; trying to compensate for SS cuts, perhaps?

    Either way, it seems the key is for those in places of power to use it responsibly and shed light on once highly privileged information. Use tools that will capture new audiences so that their visions and perspectives can actively penetrate the new sector, opposed to mere assimilation.

    I enjoy what you’re doing.
    Keep it up.

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