Count to Three

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 13, 2008 in Educational Articles, Handicapping, Horse Racing | No Comments >>

The Pick-3 is one of the best wagers at the track. Period. Here are just a few reasons why, and then we’ll look at some ways to knock this wager off the tee.

Despite being compared to a parlay wager, the Pick-3 has only one takeout versus three when you roll your money over in a parlay. Oh, just feel that 17 -20% being taken out of your pocket each time you wager. Hurts a bit doesn’t it?

The P-3 can provide some sweet payoffs if you are willing to venture. Here are a couple of scenarios that will, more often than not, lead to disaster:

1. Betting 2 favorites with longshots in one leg. – Bad %

2. An odds on favorite tied up with low priced runners. – Big mistake

3. The chalk wins all three races. – No value for taking a three win effort.

Here are few that could be used to find a better payday:

1. Don’t play any of the morning line favorites in any leg. – Much bigger payday. Favorites win 33% of the time, and lose 67%. You do the math…

2. Play one non-favorite and two medium prices. – Here is when you get surprised. Beat the chalk, and get paid.

3. Don’t be afraid to spread out and put some cash in multiple tickets. Look for your price runner, and build your castle. Remember, you are betting against the public and the morning line is a prediction of the post time win odds. Go ahead, get in the game.

You can watch things happen, wonder what happened, or make things happen. Which will it be?