Double Your Pleasure

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 18, 2008 in General Discussion, Help/Educational Articles, | 1 Comment >>

A forgotten wager that has fallen by the wayside is the Daily Double. This wager makes the player choose the winner of two races in advance of the first wager. Sound like fun? It still is…..

To play doubles, you need to do your handicapping ahead. This makes your selection process easier, and can be an excellent way to carve out this wager. Playing a “parlay”, where you play the winner of one race and bet it all back in the next, does not make financial sense.

You will have two “takeouts” which are the % the track takes out for expenses. This only happens if you play a parlay. But, if you play a double, you will only have ONE takeout…. I know, it doesn’t sound like much. The average takeout for exotic wagers is 20%. If play a parlay, you face 40% taken out of your wagering dollar. A double allows you to face ONE takeout.

Double your pleasure, and double your advantage. With any gaming, you want to find any edge that allows you to take away the house advantage, or in racing, you don’t have to face another dreaded takeout. I would suggest doing your work in advance, and placing your faith in a service that has shown a proven track record. Go ahead, jump on in and double up. This can be a fun wager, and has been around longer than any other type of exotic wager in the game.