America’s Day At The Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 1, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | No Comments >>

This Labor Day you will hear the saying of America’s Day at the Races. What is this?

We live in the times of everyday action, overseas runners, betting online, and most importantly using to make you a winner.  I agree, there will be big races, and many opportunities to watch some real champions. But why have your action limited?

With an arsenal at your disposal, and races coming your way, you should fall in love with this game all over again. I know, the races may not be as good. But it is not the Super Bowl, or the 7th game of The World Series everyday. But does it keep you from watching sports? Nope… It keeps your interest until the big dance comes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the big days. But making my way as a youth with my Dad to catch mid-afternoon claimers on a Tuesday was just like being under the Twin Spires. The memories never fade……

So, enjoy your weekend. Prepare yourself with handicapping material that is a proven winner, and take down the prize. But don’t lose interest on a cold Wednesday night when cheap claimers hold court. They can be just as much fun, and allow you to make up lost ground. The memories of going to the track to watch bottom level runners make you really appreciate the big stage. Enjoy, it’s America’s Day at the Races.