Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

I love playing exotics. Everything from the opening double to whatever is offered in the final race of the day. It gives the player a chance to get out of a hole, or better the bankroll before heading to the car.

A wager that has become popular for players at all levels is the 10-cent Superfecta. This is a very good way to stretch your gambling budget by playing runners that normally you may not have used when the wager was a dollar minimum. Take a look at the runners on and you can speculate with a runner on the bubble. It may not be in your top three selections, but if it hits, it could be light out. That is really a nice way to take your shot.

In addition to taking a chance with your middle level runners searching for a price, you can beat the tax man. Yes, you heard it right. Beat the man….. By having a sweet payoff at $1 that pays over $602, you have to fill out the needed tax forms and report it as income. Now, by using the 10-cent version you can change a payoff from $602 to $60.20.  You just beat the tax man……

You can still bet the same amount. Whatever your comfort level would be.  If it is $5 – $1,000 it is all the same. You can beat the taxes, and save yourself some added cash. In a game that doesn’t offer many opportunities to beat the system, along comes a wager that puts you in the drivers seat. So, dig down in the couch and hang onto the extra change. It could put you in the drivers seat.