How Is Santa Anita Playing?

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 16, 2008 in Breeders Cup, Handicapping | No Comments >>

With the Breeders’ Cup just days away, and many questions to be answered, I have taken a sampling of how the track is playing overall. Remember, this is just a sampling from varied distances on separate days. Overall, I think it is worth a look into seeing how the track is playing.

5 1/2 F – These races were very few in number, but the closers did very well.

6F – The stalkers were ruling the roost, and an occasional closer can come rolling if the pace is hot.

6 1/2 F – Speed and stalkers were having their say so at this distance.

7 F – Speed and stalkers held sway at this distance as well.

1M – You better be coming off of the pace if you want to find the winner’s circle. I only saw one speed runner wire the field.

1 1/16 th – You better come from the clouds if you want to go to the windows to cash.

1M / Turf – The stalkers played very well at the distance overall.

1 1/8th / Turf – This was a closer’s paradise. Short and sweet.

Now, with this sampling over varied days and distances, you can get a good idea of how things are playing out. I would put some time in and watch some races to get your own feel.

Another important note is that I see runners from the 4 path – 9 spot hitting the board. This is not to say there is a dead rail, but this may be something to note.

So do your homework, hook up with WinningPonies, and bring your bankroll. I think that this will be two days that you will want to fire with both hands. Don’t be afraid to play the Europeans as they have held their own. Also, runners who have run over the surface and have been training well deserve a good look.