Who Is Running The Show?

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 5, 2008 in General Discussion, News | No Comments >>

Right now across the nation there is a stalemate in negotiations with many states and the horsemen. They are represented by The Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Group (THG). At this time, you may not be able to make a wager on your favorite on-line service. This is due to a hold-up with tracks, and the horsemen arguing.

The tracks are taking a hit. The economy, the overall problems in racing, and add in the arguments and we have a real Texas standoff.

The THG want an additional percentage that will kick up their share. This sounds all well and good, but the money isn’t there. To get you caught up, an ADW is your phone betting account or Internet wagering account.

While this battle is ensuing in many states, nothing is being done. Both parties are at a stand still, and there is no moving on the horizon.

The piece of the puzzle that is silently hurting is the patron. They have not been mentioned, and in my opinion are taken for granted. They are just expected to be there. With the rising costs of everything, it is nice to stay at home and make a wager on your computer. Not anymore; or at least until this dispute is settled.

Greed can be an evil undoing of our sport. Since the creation of ADW, the game has been allowed to come to the player. Without the ability for a player to have ease of motion in getting a bet down, the trips to the track will lessen. Just take a look across the nation as every track is showing double digit declines.

There needs to be a consensus voice of reason that could tell both parties to please get together, before we lose interest for good. Tracks are struggling to retain customers. Add in the lack of ability to wager at your ease, and tracks will only continue to keep spiraling down the tubes.

Where will it stop? When players don’t care about going to the races, or betting via computer. If you give someone a gift and take it away, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. So listen up boys, get it together and get it done fast. The game is hurting and and the ADW monies that are being lost are never coming back.