What Bias??

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 1, 2009 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles | No Comments >>

Has anyone been paying attention to The Big “A”? The speed is being run down, stalked and caught at the wire. What is going on? Once upon a time, whoever had the lead at the 1/4 pole was getting ready for the camera.

I have been watching very closely over the past few days.

Two days ago, I was wagering at Aqueduct and I saw a winner blow them away by daylight. Now that is par for the course, but what caught my eye was the race for place, when three runners were closing lights out. This was something I wanted to focus upon before my next wager.

OK. Now the speedy rail has been king for a long time, but to pick up the pace around the hoop and roll past the leaders is something to watch.

I attribute the change to be the track surface. I want you to check the “weather” on the toteboard at WinningPonies.com, before you lock and load your wagers. Right now it has plenty of moisture, and the runners are able to get a hold of the track.

Usually the track comes up a powdery, cuppy oval that makes speed look like a ride on a conveyor belt. In the old days, nothing would win outside of the five path. On Thursday, I saw a 9 path runner jump out nicely and take command. This is a nice change, but how long will it last?

When you see the track take on that light brown sandy look, rest assured that the old cuppy oval is back in fashion. Cuppy is when speed rules, as it is hard to grab down deep, and many closers look like they are spinning their wheels.

As I said before, be sure to use the weather update on WinningPonies.com and you will be ahead of the game.