Happy New Year’s Resolution Time

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 4, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

A New Year’s resolution is a nice thought. It is a time where we make promises to go to the gym; eat better; do something nice for your neighbor. You get the gist… But here is a resolution or two that may make racing a little kinder place.

1. Be sure to make an effort at educating yourself. The game is ever changing, and we must keep up. Get familiar with all ADW sites to wager. Know about new and innovative handicapping materials. If this is all too daunting, ask your local track or ITW outlet if they offer a handicapping 101 re-fresher.

2. Take someone new to the track with you. It is how most us started, and this can be the next starting gate full of fans. Be sure to take a kid this year. Don’t focus on the betting as much, but go to the paddock and watch, and be sure to get as close to the rail to watch the break and the thundering finish. This is where the magic begins.

3. Make an effort at getting to know your fellow players. Most go to the track, and think they have to be on the down low. The new friends you make will create an atmosphere of the place “where everybody knows your name.” Trust me, it is more fun to hang out with guys/gals who have the same interest. In business it is called networking; at the track it is called having fun. Give it a try.

4. Be sure to attend all of the big races at your local track, and even make a few road trips. This is where your real education begins.

5. Be sure to read all of the local online magazines. You may want to try the: Blood-horse, The Thoroughbred Times, Equidaily and ESPN. They will keep you in the loop as we begin the road to the Triple Crown.

As you read these, commit them to memory. Put them to use, and you will see a little difference in your year. A little tip for the handicapping side is to keep notes on your wagering, and create an online stable of horses to watch. They are both free, and will serve you greatly.