Rider Ratings

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 10, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

If you tuned into Animal Planet, and caught the docu-soap “Jockeys,” you may be finding this to be a part of your Friday evenings.

In my opinion, I think racing needs a show that takes you behind the scenes. It examines all of the riders day in and day out. This show may not be the new American Idol, but for sports fans it really hits home.

I like the characters. Joe Talamo is the new guy on the street. You find yourself rooting for him, no matter who he is riding. The youngster will make his mark, and this show is helping him along nicely with the family angle.

Mike Smith. I would liken him to be the Dean of the track. The money-man. The go-to guy. I guess all of that is true, and if you examine last year, it all comes full circle. I have to say that I am following the love affair like Days of our Lives.

Chantal Sutherland is as hot as the Georgia asphalt. She was a very nice rider in Canada, but Southern Cal is a step up. If you have been watching her ply her trade, you will see that she is doing well on a circuit dominated by the boys. I don’t know where the love affair is going, but if all falls through for the couple, I will be in shambles.

Aaron Gryder looks like a seasoned veteran who still rides at the top of his game. I have to say that a rider of his status would want to help the younger jocks, but I have money that he and Joe Talamo will throw down before things really take off. My money is on Gryder….

Garret Gomez has been mentioned, and I think he won’t be much of a player. But if you are looking to cash a ticket, just go with both hands.

Overall, the game needs this. We need to examine the athletes that climb in the saddle and make things happen. How nice it is to finally hear the stars of the game doing the right thing. I am sure there are plenty of ugly stories in history, but this is more fun.

Tune in, and take a look. I bet you won’t be disappointed.