Riders Up!

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 4, 2009 in General Discussion, Handicapping | No Comments >>

I watch races every day practically.. I know, tough job. It is just the part that dances in the background of my work, but I have to stay abreast of what is happening. This game is not like baseball. You just can’t read the boxscores and be caught up to speed.

Take a look at a few considerations before heading to the window.

Jockeys are very important. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and chase the odds. They put the stats in there for a reason. I have personally known many riders: some good, some great, and others who just went to work..

Be sure and look for an up and coming rider on the small circuits. “Bug-Boys”, as they are called, are cutting their teeth at the smaller ovals paying their dues. You can’t learn this in night school, and there isn’t a book that has all of the answers. Apprentice riders at small tracks offer value, as top-notch riders do at the big money meets.

I love to hear the old-timers talking the trash of riders pulling horses. Come on.. This is 2009. The 50’s and the 60’s are over.. Practically every race in the world is on TV somewhere. The money is getting better, and one pulled trip could label you for life. So rest assured, unless you are playing some little Podunk fair circuit, you will get riders trying their best.

Look for how well a rider does with a stable or trainer. This is red-hot info, and can be the end all of your cold streak. Most of the big name outfits have these riders there in the morning working their runners. So look for those rider / trainer combos with a 20% or higher win rate.

This is just a little food for thought. As we are heading into the spring of the year, we get acquainted with racing all over again. It is nice to refresh our memories and have the right outlook for winning.