The Long Road

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 6, 2009 in Kentucky Derby, News | No Comments >>

If you saw the Florida Derby, you were seeing a field of top notch runners. The winner Quality Road had his speed figures adjusted, and things were starting to just look good.

Trainer Jimmy Jerkins is worried.  Quality Road has developed a quarter crack. Now, this development changes the landscape greatly.

It is in his right hind foot, and they have brought in foot specialist Ian McKinlay to survey the situation. If you recognize his name, it was because he worked on Big Brown last year. I think you’ll find his name under Kentucky Derby winner 134.

The hoof is being treated with a substance called Animalintex. This is a mild antiseptic, and natural poultice designed to draw heat out of the area. The heat is caused by friction in the area, and this is what has McKinlay worried.

Is he out? That all depends… It depends if the hoof can hold up under a workout. It all depends on the heat which means infection is drawn out. It depends on getting two solid works in before departing on April 28th, to head to Louisville.

I really like the way this guy travels. But it is more important that the horse is 100% ready. Jimmy Jerkins says he is very sound. The long road begins now. Many things will have to fall into place if we are to see this monster do his bidding in Louisville.