Pick Your Spots

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 11, 2009 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Kentucky Derby | No Comments >>

This time of year gets our blood pumping. The great races have us thinking about building a bankroll to go on a run. By selectively picking your betting opportunities, you have a much better chance at building your wad for the Oaks / Derby weekend.

I was chatting with a couple at Keeneland the other day. They attend the Kentucky Derby each year. They love to fire on one of the best cards of the year. It was at this time that the recipe for success was passed onto another fellow player.

The Mrs. was the brains and money manager. She had told me that the quest began in the first week of March. They would attend mainly on weekends, and bet a few races during the week.

“We always have our data before the races.  This cuts back on impulse wagers. We will take a place parlay, a nice small exacta, or a solid win wager. It all goes into the kitty.”

I was wondering if I was starting much too late, and she exclaimed, “No way!” We began ten years ago with three weeks to go. The run of luck carried us kindly into the Derby.

Just a few notes: be sure to have your handicapping data in hand long before you go to the races, take whatever you can get as a profit, and don’t be afraid to make the wagers that may stretch your budget. When you play with scared money, you’ll never win.

Well, I have been playing most of my life. I am always interested in how others build up to “king size” wagering days. I have always been prepared before going to the races. Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I would get on it right away. Dial up WinningPonies.com and get started. Take what you can get, and remember that you don’t have to tap out with every play you make. I guess the road to the winner’s circle is paved in many directions. Many of these ideas you already employ, but a little refresher is good for the wagering soul.