New Faces

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 13, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | No Comments >>

Each year, there is a new plot. The ending is always planned by the characters to be the same, but the road they choose and the way they got there makes it such an intriguing story.

In 2009, the first Saturday in May is approaching like a downtown train making its way to the station. It is always on time, but there are always new passengers aboard.

A few years ago, the story was about a rider who had no business in the race. Hell, he came from a minor league track for a trainer who did well on the small ranks. But he proved to be just the man for the time. His name will be in the history books forever.

How about a horse that captured America’s heart? Sound corny? Well, it was about American as apple pie all dolled up with cheese… He not only made us think about what it takes to win the big race, but about survival; how he wanted to live.  It’s the old story about the good ones dying way before their time. Many years from now, he will still be thought of long after we are gone.

The young riders, the bad trips from hell, a man on a mission, or a woman with a plan. It always starts the same but the unique backgrounds they come from make the story so interesting. If you noticed, I never mentioned a name, but I’ll bet you guessed it just the same. This is the story: the pursuit of glory, chasing history and paying the price.

So hang around. It will start getting interesting. Each year the stories flow, and this one will be no different. It already has the making of a good one. It all unfolds in three weeks.