Taking New Roads

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 16, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | No Comments >>

During these times of economic turmoil, every business is hurting. Racing is no different, and some simple things could attract new fans from around the nation.

Let’s try something new. Let’s call the GM, or head of any department from Churchill Downs.  They are going to send 100 tickets to each track to use as a giveaway, or promotional item.  What type of reaction do you think people will have? Do you think they will look at racing as a “team” sport such as the NFL, NBA, or even NASCAR? The idea is simple. Get the people involved.

This gesture will last a long time. You will create new fans, reward current players, and recapture lost patrons.

Open the infield at Churchill Downs for free! You talk about crowds. This will be the all-time biggest.  Wouldn’t it be fun? Young people hanging out with thirty-year patrons. Hell, you may even create a new fan who will be here for the next thirty years. Remember, if it fails, you can go back to things that are failing anyway. Now more than ever seems a good time to try something new.

As we draw closer to Derby 135, I think about what would make me happy as a fan. When there are plenty of tickets to the premier race in the world, racing has a problem. Go ahead, and try something new.