What Is In A Record?

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 22, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | 2 Comments >>

Todd Pletcher is the man. Flat out, this guy can train. Right now he is third in the standings for money earned. His record speaks for him, but not always.  That exception is his 0-21 record in the Derby.

After seeing his latest surge of anger at the Florida Derby, I can see the big races have his full attention. I guess he doesn’t hold much back, and when you have a record of success such as his, the media pays full attention.

You will see him anywhere; anywhere the money is located. It can be New York to Zia Park. Pletcher can, and will have one ready and pointed in that direction.

This year, he has many revved up for the Derby. His last charge was Bandini who finished 19th at Churchill Downs.

This record got me thinking about the best of the best. They will never have a winning record in the Derby. Take a look at Jerry Bailey, Pat Day, Angel Cordero, John Velasquez, Gary Stevens, and the list goes on and on. It was a comment by Pat Day during our Internet show when he said; “you might want to throw out my Derby selection, as I was only one for twenty tries.”  It kinda puts things in perspective.

So, back to Pletcher. This is a polished trainer who will bring Dunkirk, Advice, Join in the Dance, Take the Points and Masala to their very best. Only the Graded Stakes will determine who goes and who stays. I keep thinking about his record. But all be told, it means nothing. This one race does not define him as a trainer. It will not be the ticket for Stewart Elliot or John Servis to the Hall of Fame with their first effort / first win.

So keep this in mind when the mounds of information come rolling your way in determining who will win that first Saturday in May.