Horse Sense

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 23, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | 1 Comment >>

I was listening to the teleconference on April 21st, and I felt many things were left uncovered.

If you have the opportunity to listen, you may just hear something other than what you will read in the rags.

I came away that Todd Pletcher is happy with Edgar Prado. How could you not be? Garrett Gomez is a great rider, but let us not forget the prowess of Mr. Prado. I also took from the call that he wants a hot pace or Dunkirk may be up the creek. This should not be a problem, but he already has enough in his corner as far as not running as a two-year-old. The 100-year-old hurdle is one that Pletcher is confident he can overcome. To me, it sounds like he needs just the right pace, and has to overcome history. This will be a monkey on his back leading up to the Derby.

Thomas McCarthy may be the freshest story of the Derby. He is a savvy fellow no matter what his age. He is having a blast with Derby fever, and knows this may be his only chance. He attributes luck and fine breeding to General Quarters‘ success. He has watched every Derby since 1959.

He has been a lifelong educator. That was not the plan, but became his meal money as he raised a family. He had been involved with breaking and selling mares all the while. School just paid the bills for the love that called him.

I enjoy being able to listen in to the words of those involved. It is enjoyable to get to know those we will see 0n the first Saturday in May. You may take some at their word, and others you may hear a chink in their armor.