Road Closed?

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 24, 2009 in Kentucky Derby, News | No Comments >>

Quality Road has shown that he is a bad boy to be reckoned with. His heart is as big as a basketball, but his tools have failed him. There are times like these, and maybe the end of his career is nearing.

He was probably going to be one of the favorites, and was starting to look like the one to beat. Trainer Jimmy Jerkins had him starting to heal, and on Thursday he noticed another quarter crack in his right-front hoof. This puts the Derby decision to a real test.

Ian McKinley and Jerkins were pretty confident that they could get the first crack to heal. His works were solid, and things were looking up for the boy.

They still have not put the idea to bed yet. Jerkins wants Ian McKinley to lace the crack, and see if he can gallop. If he needs another day, they will wait. These are the longest days. The ones where you have to play wait and see.

I would love to see him run, but only if he is 100%. The public is sour, and tracks have taken many measures to ensure problems are minimized. Jimmy Jerkins is sharp, and you can bet the son of the “Giant Killer” will take no short cuts. That we can count on. Just keep your fingers crossed, as it looks like the odds may be long against Quality Road.