What May Have Happened

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 1, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby, Other Events | 4 Comments >>

Oaks day is in the books. The rain soaked oval did provide all of us with plenty of entertainment. The big question is what if she would have faced the boys?

After watching Calvin Borel rapidly draw off down the lane without being asked, one would have to really question what if she would have hooked the boys? The debate will go for a long time as we see Calvin patting her, and waving the number #1 signal as he was wrapped up on her.

She won by 20 1/4 lengths, and in reality, it could have been 40 easily with urging. She ran on the slop and the boys will be doing the same on Saturday.

She could have raced a bit harder and pushed to win by a city block, but that would have made no sense. She has beaten the gals, and today she gave the crowd of over 100,000 a show of shows. I believe with today’s effort that the boys would have been in trouble.

All of the speedsters, stalkers and closers would have their hands full. She just accelerated like lightning in a bottle. The boys would have been bumping, and jockeying for position, all the while she would have been drawing off. This is not just my opinion, but the feelings of every poll I have read.

I am glad to have watched her against her peers. I would have hated to have watched a race where some long shot luck-bomb dropped in and considered it the real deal.  She is the lady to be dealt with. I think if all goes well, you may see her try her luck against the boys just yet. But today, it all belonged to the gals. If the Derby takes a great deal of steam out of the field, it may make sense. But for now, the day belongs to Hal Wiggins and Calvin Borel. Oh, and I almost forgot, Ms. Rachel…..