Let The Healing Begin

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 4, 2009 in General Discussion, Kentucky Derby | 3 Comments >>

No matter what the Derby held for you financially, let us remember the history and pageantry involved.

I have spoke to many friends, and patrons about the odd outcome of Derby 135. I have not met anyone with a winning story yet, so if you have one please share it with the rest of the masses.

The most important feeling I took from reading a response from Ed L. was that we need to get back in the ring and do what we love. For many it may be a casual wager, and for some it may involve following the ponies and crunching the numbers. Either way, let us remember the race for the outcome, and go back to the drawing board. The wagering gods would expect no less…..

I have to say personally it has been the quickest turnaround in history. I am done scratching my head, and I am ready to begin again. Sometimes we need a “cleansing” to set us straight again. I think this would be the best advice for any handicapper who thinks they need a break or wants to take a vacation. Just jump back in with a new spirit.

I had an older friend who passed away a few years ago and the advice he would have gave would be simple:  “Save your breath kid, you’ll live longer.” I think he is right. Enough talking about what should have happened, and let us focus on where we go next. Even though it is the Derby, it is one race. The history aside, it is one race. The track condition and golden rail-trip goes out the window, and the next race comes into plain view. So saddle up, it is almost post time!