Let’s Start Our Bankroll!

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 6, 2009 in Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles, Other Events | No Comments >>

The Preakness is a little more than a week away, and we need to recover by getting a roll ready to fire with on leg two of the Triple Crown. Don’t worry, there is time.

I hate to advise straight chalk. I take what I can get, and when I can get it. But, you can raise a bankroll and have a little fun in doing so. Let us begin.

First dial up WinningPonies.com, and pick your favorite track. That gets you half the way there already. You have your info, and the oval you love. Now, you need $50 and we’ll get started.

** You find a horse that looks like a mortal lock. You are shooting to get 1-2 on your money, or a total of $3 back. You can find this on at least five to six runners a day, and make a place parlay. Five races doesn’t sound like much? Look at this:

$50 to place at $3 = $75

$75 to place at $3 = $ 112.50

$112 to place, and your pony pays $3.40 = $190.40

$190 to place and your chalk pays $2.80 = $266.00

$266.00, and hold your breath. You get lucky, and hit a $2.60 runner = $ 345.80 is your return from your wagering.

You turned a profit of $295.80 minus your $50 investment. Not bad, huh?? So, let’s play this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. WinningPonies can do their part, and with the small fields at Churchill, River Downs, and Northern California, you are ready to fire. Think about it. You are burning up the chalk, and keeping it to five plays in a day. Bring on the Preakness, we’ll be ready……