Girl Power

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 6, 2009 in General Discussion, News | 5 Comments >>

It is official… Rachel Alexandra is in another’s hands. It has been less than a week, and the young lady who set our hearts on fire belongs to another.  But all is well; you’ll see…

“Rachel Alexandra is one of the best horses in racing today,” said Jess Jackson of Stonestreet Stable. “She is fast, strong and durable—the traits we should all be breeding into all future generations of race horses.   Her beauty and athleticism will thrill thousands of fans.”

I think they had to back up a Brinks truck to make this deal. I don’t know how confidential it will remain, but one thing we can count on is that they intend on making little “superhorses” for quite a while.

If she is bred to Curlin, and all goes well, the others may have to sprout wings to catch the offspring. This is the best of times. We have plenty to look forward to for the upcoming years.

Now, back to racing. Jess Jackson didn’t buy her to watch her beat up on the gals forever. I think we will see her kick the boys’ tails.  Just think, if she was urged in any way down the lane, she would have won by 40. I think the next stop is the boys. And if they know what is good for them, they better be ready.

5 Responses to “Girl Power”

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  4. Ed L says:

    I agree about Jackson wanting her to take on the boys, talk about something being great for racing,there would literally be an explosion of new found interest if she does. Not only that but Jackson may have a bit of revenge on his mind—-after all it was the filly Rags To Riches who nosed out Curlin in the Belmont Stakes.—I think he would love to return the favor and win the Belmont with a filly of his own. Also,the Breeders Cup Classic should be on the menu in the fall—–Go Rachel!

  5. know my horses says:

    Fabulous filly, Mr. Jackson, to be sure, but don’t run her into the ground. Give
    her some much needed rest as she surely needs and deserves it. She was
    struggling at the end and Mine That Bird looked like he would’ve overtaken her
    had there been another 1/16 of a mile to run. I’ve had horses since 1962 so I
    know a little bit about this game. I also still run 5K races myself so I very well
    know about aching legs and not being able to breathe that last quarter mile! I
    know you’re a savvy horseman but you’ve now got racing’s national treasure, so pick her races wisely and don’t cave in to public demand. I can’t wait for her
    first foal – by Preakness champ out of a Preakness champ! Hoo Ha!!

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