A New Leader?

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 16, 2009 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

I have read every blog in the world. You name it, and I have seen it. The conventional players hate to see the gals facing the boys, but this year I think we have some different.

Breaking the players that I see on a regular basis into groups, here are some of the opinions:

If you are a player that has 30-50 years under your belt, the main topic is that fillies should not face the boys. There will be many that hold their breath for many reasons. I think down deep they know she is a runner to be reckoned with. But, with past years not being kind to fillies running in the big races, some feel they should stay with their sex. But there are many who just hate to see a gal beat the boys. This year not being a bumper crop, it could easily happen.

If you are a casual player, you would love to see the hype. It is like game seven of the World Series, or The Super Bowl. You want to see history, and the right to say you witnessed this event will last a few weeks for this type of player. They love favorites and underdogs, and root for both with great enthusiasm. This player is what the industry needs to focus on. They will be the players of tomorrow.

The young players like the action. They like playing at a roulette wheel style pace. Having the filly win would be a real win for this group. They are also the players of the next generation. This could be their Seattle Slew, or Affirmed. These players are fun to watch. They will have beer in hand, cheering like the dickens.

Overall, the game could use all of the publicity it can get. We need a hero, and we need her now.. I would love to read in the papers the next day that racing is alive and well. I would love to see the crowds planning their next move to watch the big spectacle. So, no matter where you fit, root for the sport. It needs a leader, and now would be a perfect time.