What If?

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 29, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Have you ever been to a busy airport? How about a sports bar? What if they had a place where you could place wagers on tracks? What if they offered an easy-to-use kiosk where you could get your bet on if you’re a player, and possibly draw new players at the same time. It would be marketed just like the lottery: “Someone has to win, it might as well be YOU.”

OK, you are probably thinking that it would be difficult to manage. Not really. You could have a bank of self-serve machines in a designated location that could be watched over by a tote manager. They could even have a printable kiosk where players could purchase reasonably priced handicapping items.

Just think of it… In every major airport, there could be a branded “Win Place and Show” sports bar. Pub food at a reasonable price and ample seating with other sports in the area. No matter where you landed, there is a great possibility of finding that handy play area for adults.

The incoming and outgoing patrons could be introduced to a great sport on the fly! They could bet in New York, and cash their tickets in Florida. As one central tote system could be utilized for ease of use, and the branded image would allow you know what to expect.

We as players need to save our game. Some have racinos, VLT’s and lottery devices. This could just be an extension of the track. It could be shared revenue by all tracks, and would bring the game to the fast-paced world in which we live…. Once upon a time, the thought of going through a drive-through window to get your dinner was unheard. Who would have ever thought we would be on the go, and use it as a time saver? Same idea, just another way to bring the action to you.