Sour Apples

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 3, 2009 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

I know these older gents at the track. They were arguing like two-year-old kids. I guess they had nothing better to do, so this was their exercise for the day.

Player “A,” we’ll call him John. His motto was if you saw $6.80 on the floor wouldn’t you pick it up?  If it was in the place pool or the Daily Double, then so be it. He considered a win at any price above and beyond his initial investment. This would allow him to battle in another race he exclaimed. (Good point) and the contest goes on.

Player “B” was the elder punter, We’ll call him Thom.. He chased only long shots, and seldom collected.  He was bitter many days. But, when he did hit, it was a whopper. His argument to “A” was that if you were not a chalk eating weasel then you may have a chance at the big score. Player “B” went home unhappy many days, but on the few occasions when he did hit, you could bet drinks were on him…

Ok, so where did I stand just listening to this conversation of sorts? I wasn’t involved, but  it did stimulate thought. I finally came to a decision. I would be Switzerland. Being neutral would recognize both schools of thought.

Personally, I like to play. Not every race or even every day. I like to keep wagers rolling and have the extra cash to plot my course. So, if I had to break it down to %’s I would be 60% “A” and 40% “B.” I like the big score. Who doesn’t?? But, if you are going to play a little more, you cannot afford to take that shot in the wallet. So as Swiss as I was in my thoughts, I would be a little more on the “A” bandwagon. It fits my needs, and works for me. The big question is where do you find yourself?