They Said It…

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 8, 2009 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

The best part about any race is the post-race jabber. Sometimes it is happy, and other times people can cry like a baby. But all in all it was good stuff this year. Sorta’….

Pletcher and Johnny V. loved the way Dunkirk ran.  They felt they were in a spot to win, and just had to get lucky. The overall effort was pleasing. No crying from Pletcher….

D. Wayne Lukas made no excuses for Luv Gov or Flying Private. He wanted to watch the replay to get a better feel, but offered no excuses. If he keeps this up, he will be quoted 500 years from now even if they are racing spaceships. I liked his way. It took a long time to get him to just speak the truth, but I would begin to put him in the class of John Wooden.

Garrett Gomez was unavailable for comment. Barring any family emergency, or if he had to get ready to ride the next turf race, that move said volumes about Chocolate Candy. When I heard no answer from Gomez, I began to make one up in my head: “I can’t wait til’ they get this runner back to Northern California. I thought they were going to have poly track for the Belmont. Can anyone tell me what time my plane leaves?”

Calvin Borel. I have to hand it to him for being honest. Even after the race he did not regret predicting the victory. My only bitch with this gent was that he didn’t ride all week to try to get to know the track better. He is a working man’s hero. He needed the time and needed to prepare. This is why your parents don’t let you go out to the party the night before the A.C.T’s.

Class act of the week was Chip Wooley. He waited for Calvin, and waited some more. He gave him every chance in the book. The only reason he didn’t kick his behind was that it’s tough to get that done on crutches. Wooley congratulated Tim Ice, and all of the winning connections. He said we’ll be back, and we’ll target something in about eight weeks or so. Now, that is the winner. No crying, and telling it like it is. This guy is a class act, and many trainers could take a note from his book.  Good luck, Chip. We will all be pulling for you in the next race down the road…..