Finding Nuggets Of Gold

As a handicapper, you are always thinking about how you can get better. I have tried systems, and always consult friends who love to play the races. But I have been doing better consistently this past year.

I have been working with WinningPonies since July of 2008. I have blogged, and been part of the Internet show. It has been since then that my capping has turned around.

For the Derby, I was trying to escape the favorite syndrome. We always take a look at the runners, and 9 times out of 10 we end up wanting to play a favorite. It is the skilled handicapper who doesn’t just identify the best looking horse that pays a small price. They look for options and trends that may evolve if the race turns out well.

WinningPonies showed me Summer Bird early on. There were others that may have been more attractive, but only handicappers that arm themselves with proper tools take down the score.

W/P liked this horse with a small time rider named Chris Rosier in the saddle. It was on Belmont day that everything became clear and the clouds would part. Add in Kent Desormeaux and a better track condition, and they were pointing me in the right direction all along. It was to be a MAJOR day, and hopefully you waited out the storm.

They took down the COLD Exacta with Dunkirk for a sweet $121.00, and the triple ($295) and super ($852) in the 4 top spots. I felt that Mine That Bird looked a little vulnerable. My handicapping with WinningPonies paid off in spades by following this runner.

They also hit the Manhattan triple for a whopping $1,859.00. Now, that was day to remember.

I have always considered myself to be a pretty good handicapper. It is when you seek data that fills in the gaps and offers alternative perspectives to your first instinct, that big days happen. I have found it helped me, and I have won major contests. I have talked about racing on radio and TV, and this has helped me identify opportunities that better my selections. Many players feel they may have all of the answers. Once upon a time I was in that line. Now, I feel more informed and ready to fire.