The Tale Of Two States

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 20, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

In the times of VLT’s and slot machines, many states have tossed their hat into the ring. It seems where there once was none, could possibly be two new locations.

The states in question would be Kentucky, and now Ohio. I know, you probably are saying what does this have to do with me? How does it hurt or help my cause?

Well, if there is no change in gaming, both states will lose racing. In Kentucky, you can bet that Ellis Park, The Red Mile, and then Turfway Park will fall. The land will be sold off, and we as players will lose more tracks to wager. Many will lose jobs, farms will lose employees and stallions, and the beat goes on. If you do not believe me, just watch this Monday as the Senate in Kentucky is preparing to talk the issue. It can make or break racing in the Bluegrass state. Can you believe that? Only Keeneland and Churchill will remain. Bet your bottom dollar that Churchill will reduce the days as well.

In Ohio…the toll will be a bit heavier. They will ALL disappear. One by one, and you can take that to the bank. Thistledown in Cleveland came to a last minute $36,000 close call from closing. But, Governor Strickland has now backed VLT legislation. That gives a breath of hope to Ohio, the budget, and the over 100,000 employees that could face the pink slip for good.

No matter what happens, the state of racing will never be the same. If passed, it will grow and change into a new animal. If it fails, racing will disappear like a mid-morning fog burned off by the sun.

Help if you can, callĀ if you will, and hope like you never have before. Our sport has been given the standing eight count, and they are wobbling against the ropes. The game is hurting, and must be given the tools to compete. It is not asking for a bailout, just a chance to play fair. So keep your eyes on the news. This will be a big month for both.