Kentucky Blues

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 23, 2009 in General Discussion, News | 1 Comment >>

In a time when racing needs all the help it can get, Kentucky was dealt a blow today that does not allow for the senate to vote on VLT legislation.

I have talked to ten friends that work in racing; they have never been so scared.

The writing is on the wall, and the leaders that pleaded the case could not have done a better job. I guess all the talk in the world will not be heard by deaf ears. The team that was brought together to pass on the message and educate the people are presidents, chairmen of boards, and leaders that wanted to keep the sport alive.

Kentucky has been dealt a heavy blow today. In my opinion, the elected leaders let the pe0ple down. I guess you can only play Switzerland for so long. You cannot straddle both sides of the fence to ensure a long political career. No matter what decision, they would have lost support. That is the nature of their game. They chose, and after election time this year, maybe they will join the unemployment ranks of those they squashed today.

The game of racing is down, but not out by a long call. You can bet after going home to a sleepless night, these leaders of the Bluegrass will be looking at another round to fight. This is the nature of their game. You can also bet on that.

This has been a sorry day. But tough times, and tough men/women, will hold their ground. You can bet they will be back. But in the meantime, for the uninformed and non-believers, you will see what toll the decision of the day has taken.