Day Off From Work

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 25, 2009 in General Discussion, | No Comments >>

I had a day off from work… Well, I had a bit of money to my name, and I didn’t want to cut the grass on this red-hot day. So, I headed to the O.T.B…..

Before I left, I downloaded two tracks that I enjoy playing. They are Belmont and Monmouth. I knew that I was going to make some plays, and not try to take down the entire card at two tracks. I made four wagers, and I cashed in on three. Not bad for a day off, and a good day from

In Race #3 at Belmont, I snagged the Trifecta 3-5-1 for a sweet little pearl of money – $120 with Quisom on top, paying $11.00 on the front end.  I even made a $10 win bet for an additional $55.00.

For Race 7, I had my eye on a runner by the name of Crazy Thing. I made a nice $20 win bet on him for $72.00, and I caught the Trifecta with a $12 part wheel for $141.50.

I really only liked one race at Monmouth today. It was Race #5. The lead pony for me was #1 Posse in Effect. I had a $10 win bet on him for $37.00, and I took down the Superfecta for $125.20, for a $1 part wheel in the 5th race.

So, back to work I go on Thursday. I can’t wait for the weekend, but today wasn’t bad at all. I had a little time and things went well with WinningPonies for me…  Maybe this is the earliest start to the weekend I have had in a while.