What Can Stop A Train?

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 27, 2009 in General Discussion, News, Other Events | No Comments >>

The answer, besides a car that is stuck on the tracks, is weight. That is, unless your name is Zenyatta

Today you got to see the best two gals in our sport. There are no real scary three-year-old colts, and these gals have caught national attention.

Zenyatta ran in the Vanity at Hollywood Park. Maybe someday when Hollywood goes the way of a strip mall and housing development, they will name a road after her. It could be located behind Bed Bath and Beyond, and next to Starbucks….

She packed 129 pounds today, and she did her usual dance. She came rolling like a train, and at the top of the lane made Mike Smith go to the whip. I think she does this just to see if he is awake… It looks like she is running downhill against the competition. Impressive to say the least. Where will she go from here? I guess they will weigh her down with a V.W. and see if she can close like the wind. My bet is that somehow she will find a way.

On the East coast, there was a three horse race called the Mother Goose. Rachel Alexandra was going against her own sex, and did so quite impressively. She split the speedsters like the Red Sea and opened up under wraps. She cruised home the last sixteenth of the race, with Calvin happy to see her back. All the while, she broke the stakes record after being eased up. What would have happened if he would have given her a vigorous hand ride? The margin of victory looked like the Kentucky Oaks again..

OK, then why won’t this gal go run on the plastic? She has won before, and looks like a hurricane. She is fit and ready, and the competition is looking hard to find. There is one reason she won’t go to Santa Anita: Zenyatta…. She is perfect in record, and can carry a load. She is special, and you won’t get to see her do it many more times. Rachel’s owners know what they are facing. It all came pretty clear today. You don’t need to go to the plastic. It is her turf, and she rules. It will look like a scene from West Side Story, and she will be the one taking the long walk home.

Don’t get me wrong, Rachel is a star. But beating two runners of suspect quality can be a good reason to stay East. I love her, and I don’t want to see her face the boys. I would love to see the battle. But until that day comes, we will just sit around the stove and talk about what could have been…