Light Up The Night

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 7, 2009 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

Churchill’s little night racing test looks like a winner. I am happy to hear about the track doing something that works during tough times. But, I do have one big question.

The Kentucky Derby has always been run in the daytime. History will always dictate that this day remains the same (I hope). I do see the big stakes days going under the lights. What about Breeders’ Cup? It would look like Dubai…..

I know, I am getting worried about nothing. But we are in the times of Ellis Park closing, Turfway Park closing the doors in 2010. These are signs of change. Change usually comes slowly, but this was such a success, how can you not entertain the idea?

What signal could compete with Churchill at night? Remember the 80/20 rule… 80% is bet offtrack, and 20% is on track… How would this affect the California market? It would explode. How about sending your signal around the world? The same….

Change is good. But, please take it slowly…. The fan base will embrace the changes to come, but give them time. I think they have shed light on a dark question. When you saw the fans on TVG jumping up and down in the winner’s circle doing a promotional event, you have to think that Matt Winn would have liked this idea. After all, he was an innovator and money maker…..