Join The Party

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 8, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I looked around one day in the paddock, and I saw the same faces with many of the same runners. How about shaking the box, and coming up with new answers.

Would $200 be too much for you to get in the game? OK, then let us go forth.. Let us find 49 others just like you.

Now, if my math does not fail (or the calculator does not die out), I see that to be – $10,000. We now have a trainer selected by the track who will embrace this challenge. One that is solid, and is respected. One that loves the game so much, he or she will follow through with every owner with emails and updates. All costs are split 50 ways, and all purse money won will be bankrolled to buy another runner.. Sound good?

Let us say that the day rate of trainer “X” is $50 per day. That is $1,500 for the month. Divide that by the 50 owners, and it rolls out to be $30 per month… I know, it is small, but the fun is huge…

For 10k, you can find a nice runner. You may steal an out of state runner to bring to Ohio to roll them over. All monies go into the account, and the goal is to buy another runner that is possibly a better investment.

We need to safeguard our sport. Get people in at any cost. My first horse was owned by three. I had twenty friends who owned a cheap claimer who became Ohio claimer of the year… Man, did they have fun for $150….

So, let us stand together and have some fun. The name of the game is fun and excitement. For the cost of one fast-food lunch per week, you could go and watch “your” horse run this week. Kinda’ makes you want to brown bag doesn’t it?