The Fix Is In…

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 11, 2009 in General Discussion, News | 1 Comment >>

Wouldn’t you think that Kentucky would have helped the horse industry before any other state? Wouldn’t you have thought that tourism and a signature brand would be important to that state? Well, the answer is still no, and the price of poker just went up.

Just ten miles away from Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky sits beautiful River Downs. I know, they are not in the middle of the cradle of humanity. But, they are located in the northernmost portion of the Bluegrass state, and in Southeast Ohio.. Many families depend on these two places to make a living, and keep what they call home…

Today, Ohio looks like it has fixed the budget problem. It will be working on the final details of having VLT’s at racetracks. This may not be the “cure all”  but it will definitely allow the industry to grow, and fill a crater size hole in the budget.

Ohio is to the Standardbred, as what Kentucky is to the Thoroughbred. They have bred more pacers and trotters than any other state.

It was not a love for the industry. It was not even saving jobs. Forget about the breed, and all of the farms it would have put out to pasture. It came down to Governor Strickland not wanting to tax or cut further programs. This recession has been a resuscitation for racing. Funny thing, during the worst of times in Ohio, something good may come out of being in a bad way for all. No more tax increases, the unemployment lines will not grow, and racing will not only be saved, it will flourish like it did in the 70’s and early 80’s.

I thought I have seen it all, but this fix is a needed evil. There are many who owe plenty to the decision made today. I just hope it gets signed, and the ink dries before someone changes their mind…..