Deal Em’ Up!

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 15, 2009 in General Discussion, News | No Comments >>

This sounds like a Western movie doesn’t it? It actually can be the behind the scenes for casino voting in some states.

I will not name any parties, but I have heard from WONDERFUL sources that politicians in VLT seeking states have been swayed by the ol’ mighty dollar. I know, it sounds hard to believe. You can file it behind Area 51 and a Beatles reunion.

We vote people in that will represent us to the best of their abilities. not the the highest bidder. Many anti-gambling sources are actually out of state operations running mega-size casinos. Funny, huh? Not really, when you see Kentucky racing falling by the wayside.

There are leaders in the House and Senate that are avid casino visitors. They belly up at the blackjack table and get their game on. Don’t you think they could fly to Vegas, Atlantic City, or Tunica?  Hell, they are bold enough to gamble one night, and vote no the next morning. I guess they got a dose of something in between. I think it is spelled mo**ey..  Man, that is cold. To watch an industry die as they vote against it. That takes something other than guts. You decide what to fill in the blank.

For years, lobbyists have been hard at work for and against. We like to read old time history about Chicago-land days when things were dirty. Well, they are just as bad. They just have more expensive suits to wear..

Be careful watching government happenings. You just may want to watch sausage made after all. It is a sign of the times of moral decline when we cannot trust those who stand up for 0ur wishes in government. I guess that we all have to take a reality pill when we see the people of Kentucky taxed and lose programs due to a declining budget. Maybe gambling would have been a short term fix. Who knows? But one thing is for certain, we will never know.

Well, Mr. Senator. They are ready to deal the next hand. You better get your bet in. After all, you have an early morning where you have little to say, and many to let down…