Follow The Money

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 20, 2009 in Educational Articles, General Discussion | No Comments >>

If you want to find the source of the fountain, just follow the stream. In this case, if you seek hidden value, just follow the money.

I have always watched the pools closely. Just because a runner is short, does not exclude him from use in the exotic pools. A horse could be 4-5 in the win pool, but could actually be 3-1 or better in the Pick-3 or Pick-4 pools. Some smaller circuits can be swayed by a few hundred dollars. Just watch this trend, and go ahead and press forward with exotic wagers.

The telltale sign of a solid bet favorite, is seeing the horse bet heavily in all W-P-S pools. Remember, that a few hundred bucks can sway the pools early in the week. Don’t even hesitate for a moment from playing the gimmicks. You may even find more value.

Learn to tab up what a parlay would pay, versus the exotic payout. My friend the other day said he had a $35 DD, and the parlay figures $14. Go figure… In the old days, many of the players could tell you what you would get before the official sign lit up. It’s just simple math, no algebra test. Just keep your eyes peeled.

The overall goal is to make you a better player. Every little piece of the puzzle, combined with the right handicapping material, can make you a wagering weapon. So don’t lose the faith, and keep watching the tote board. You may get a pleasant surprise….