Young Guns

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 22, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I work at River Downs. For years, the track has tried to show the lighter side of racing, and educate the people with a show called “The Regular Guy Show.” This is the handiwork of John Engelhardt, and to this day it is a respected educational show. Oh, and whole lot of fun if you tune in.

Today, I had the opportunity to sit in and handicap six races with a young fella’ by the name of Tim Farmer. He is a young guy who absolutely devours the races. There are fans, and then there are fans… Tim, is the next generation of player that will keep our sport alive.

We handicapped, and gave out our selections. I had a couple of exactas that paid nice, but Tim gave out a sweet trifecta that paid over $400. This was some good shooting, no matter how many years you been playing.

The show is not a competition, but an educational forum that can be mixed with a little bit of everything. It was on this bright summer day, that I walked away with more than I came with.

No, it was not money. It was far more important. I had the opportunity to remember first hand what it was like for me as a young fan. You remember, when your capping was still evolving and every day you walked into the track made your heart skip a beat.

As a non-competition game today and playing together as the format dictates, everyone who watched Tim came out a winner. He made me recall the days when I went with my dad to the races. How we would talk all the way there, and how we would dissect the races on the way home. Those were the days.

So, in the spirit of “The Regular Guy” show, take a younger fan to the races. Take the time to teach what you know. It will amaze you what they will give back. Today, I received a trip back in time. It was great, and I enjoyed my day with a young gun who will attend the races for years to come… Good luck, Tim…..