Pound For Pound

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 24, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

We watch these small athletes ride like the wind. They carry little weight, but have the strength of a 200 pound man. It is not the physical side that impresses me, but rather the size of their heart.

It was during the “Jockeys Across America”, which benefits the Don MacBeth memorial fund, that I got to work side by side with these small giants.  Some have trouble making rent. Some just make it weekly. But it seemed to me that those with the least, gave the most….

Many riders gave personal items they have collected. They work to benefit those who cannot make the game anymore. They were happy to work between races, and gather a helping of money that will help so many.  This great event has been carried on for over 21 years.

So, when you are watching a race and see these riders coming for home, know that they are some of the biggest athletes in sports. Not only climbing on the back of a 1,300 lb animal, but reaching out and helping so many.