Double Your Pleasure

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 10, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I think that with many wagers out there, we have forgotten many of the staples that introduced us to the game. I still have many fond memories of my first score, but many overlook this daily tidbit.

The wager that I speak of is the Daily Double. We will call it the DD for short. Do you remember when getting to the track meant enough to get down on the DD?

Many tracks had a few quinellas, an exacta or two, and the DD on the first two races. Looking back, what were they afraid of? Were they allergic to money?  This wager is a nice way to begin your day. The parlay seldom pays that much, and depending on the takeout in each state, this is still good value, as many are distracted by the many wagering options. Be sure to watch the smaller tracks, as they offer mucho value.

The rolling DD is in place at most every track. This allows you to start a DD as long as there are two races left on the card. So, what if you get there a little late? You still have all day long to cash in this old favorite. Just watch the payouts, and compare them to what the parlay would pay….

I agree that there should be only a couple of supers… This will allow the pools to swell. Always have one on the last race. Players need a “get even” play of the day.

Exactas are nice i neach race, and the Pick-6 is a lottery shot, especially if they have a sweet roll-over. I like P-3’s and P-4’s, and like the supers, if you cut them back a few races, you would watch the pools get fat. By having a huge menu of wagering in every race, it just spreads the butter thin.. But, the DD is something we have always had. I can even remember when Keeneland had 8 races, and one DD. You could always bet that there was a hefty amount bet in the opener.

I love to play, but use the wagers to stimulate the pools. This will lead to more wagering when the payoffs are better. Especially when you can begin your DD at any time during the card.