Freaky Friday

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 13, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I know, it sounds like a movie…. I have a fun Friday coming my way, and I sure wish they were all like this…

Working at a track is the best job a horseplayer could ever have. I love my work. Educating people to play the races, and creating fun is my calling. I also do the number portion as well, but that part comes easy. I save that for when the creative fun stuff is over.

First, we are going to have a concert bonanza that should draw 25,000 people. Not bad, considering a venue is right next door. Our track is a picture of beauty. It lays along the Ohio river, and the sun shines more than not. We have an infield that is about 30 acres, and we are working out the details of having 5 major league bands converge, and have a party that may rival the concerts at Churchill Downs. Just numbers and planning, the rest takes care of itself. This will showcase our facility to more than just local horseplayers. It will draw many new folks, and they may become a fan overnight.

Part two. I am going to give a handicapping seminar to 15o visitors who are using our clubhouse for a meeting. They love the tip sheets, and the handicapping tips that I pass out. I break down every race, and tell them how to use the runners I select. This is always great, as I get to meet new players who will come back. All that we need to do is pick some winners, and they will have a great time. Wagering gods, please be with me!

Part three. There will be an in-depth seminar for new players. They have signed up for lunch and a seminar over three months. We get the opportunity to educate and break down the card. The object is not to give out winners, but to teach the new guests how to find them. Kinda sounds like the fish, and teach them to fish story, doesn’t it?  Well it is.. If I give them three winners on the day, they may make a few bucks. But, if I teach them to handicap, they will come back and become a new fan… That is the fun….

The end of the day allows me time to handicap the feature or so at Saratoga, and start looking at the next day’s card. I create a spreadsheet on the concert, enter in names of new visitors in a database to blast email, and begin a new sign up list for round two of a handicapping group. One time will not do, and you must bring them along. The goal is to make new players, and that takes time.

Well, it is time to go home. Can’t wait until the next day. You never know what awaits, and who will call to come out. What can you design to draw new folks, and how money will be spent to reward your loyal customers? Tough job, but somebody has to do it… It just so happens that I would pay them to be there, but don’t let them know that…