P-3 [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 24, 2009 in Free Picks and Tips | No Comments >>

Tuesday. I know, you are just not into it yet. But, I had a great Monday and it is time to carry on with the work. Let’s get busy, and take down the day together.

Let us begin and jump right in. Three is our magic number. We are going to make three, pick-three’s with three runners in each race. Each ticket will cost $27 per copy, and may the wagering gods smile down upon us.

The first P-3 starts in Race #2 at River Downs. We will use #1 Real Impact. This is a 3-year-old colt by Sky Mesa, and is even money. He probably looks like a single, but let’s shoot on the side of prices. Also, in this first leg we will use # 5 True Flyer 12-1, and #6 Travlin’ Grind 8-1.

On to the second leg (Race #3 at Thistledown), where we will start leg two and begin a new P-3.  We will use #1 Metro Card 12-1#2 To Be Lucky 5-1, and #3 Mariah’s Moon 3-1. This is a make or break leg, where we can be alive into the last heat, and into the second, or be done with our investment. Keep your fingers crossed!

Onto the next leg (Race #4 at River Downs). This is a “beat the chalk leg.” If we do, then we have something coming at this point, and we are alive into the third leg of ticket #2. Roll with #1 Seattle Charm 6-1, #5 Delta General 3-1, and #6 Charmed Cat at 6-1.

If we are alive, we have hit one P-3, and this could be our next. In Race #5 at Thistledown, let’s shoot with #1 Foot Trick 3-1, #6 Ro’s Glitter 7-2, and #8 Random Choice at 6-1.

If you are still alive at this point, you have two in the back and are shooting at a hat trick. Let’s cash out (Race #6 at River Downs) with – #2 Hardcount 8-1, #4 Thunder Counter 5-1, and old #5 T.K.’s Turn at 7-2.

OK, if you have swept the card, you are loving Tuesday. If not, we will pick ourselves up and get right back in the game on Wednesday, with some Saratoga action. This game is great. It always gives us a chance to come back. No matter how bad we ever do, the next day is as fresh as a newborn baby. You gotta love that!

Just keep your head, have patience, and don’t scream too loud when you win. Just smile, and get ready to do battle on Wednesday.

Good luck!