Pick More

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 28, 2009 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

This Saturday, there is a $1 million dollar guaranteed Pick-4 at Saratoga. This covers the race leading into the Travers Stakes. You have to love this wager for many reasons. One, it is going to cover great races.  Number two, it will pay about 25% more than usual, if not higher.

I will have to say that I will have my dough wrapped into a P-4 part-wheel. The card dictates that you will not be able to find any real races that standout for a single. If the track comes up a bit off, then the wager may even be more attractive.

I have a pal who watches the tote board. After the race, he will say “that horse was only 5-2. No biggie in that one.” I always tell him the same thing. You are looking at the win pool odds, and your horse may actually be 4-1 or better, depending on the others in the race. If you have competing runners that are 5-2, or 2-1, then you may get better value in the multi-race wager. Don’t let the win pool dampen your spirits.

With days like this, you better get your gear together. It always pays off in the long run to stretch out with confidence. The guaranteed pool offers a nice play. Don’t think that this is just another day. To find a pool to wager into that is chock-full of cash is a rarity. I love to find value, but when they serve it up cold, that is better than your birthday…..

I suggest getting into the tier levels and reaching into the second and third tiers to find hidden value. Some players just use the top three and neglect to see the value on the others. Just take a look at the speed ratings, and see the hidden value. Always be ready to dig, and more importantly to stretch out with your picks.

Travers day comes once a year. But like many, you need more than ever to get your data in hand and plan ahead. Also, remember to employ the change of surface tab if the track condition changes. This can be the golden key to the safe for a guaranteed pool.