Fast And Loose

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 29, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Doug is a construction professional that loves to go the track.  He gets so excited, that he can’t eat lunch, or he breaks into a sweat. The excitement is just too much for my man….

Many feel and do the same things, even if they do not have the same symptoms.

A few pointers to make your day exciting. First, prepare ahead of time. Take the time to do some homework, and get your data in hand. Know which tracks you are going to play, and focus only on those tracks. Many times I say: “Pick your top ten races, now plan to play six. Of the six races, play two harder than your others. Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on a wager.” This applies to all except the bigger plays.  This is your money management plan.

What to do when you are sitting around? Scout those races…. There is no better time to make your notes when you have no vested interest in the race. You look at everything with an unbiased eye. This can be a great time to watch and plan….

I heard it best in the movie The Hustler. “Let’s play, fat man. Let’s go,  fast and loose.” That is a great line if you enjoy watching gambling movies. It also gives you great advice to follow if you want to play the races.

Fast and loose…. When you find yourself wanting to pull-up and bet less, when a good wager is called for, just remember, fast and loose.    Come in and play like you’re winning, and you’ll always have a chance. How can you even get ahead if you’re trying to get even?

So relax, and keep to your plan. Don’t be a two-dollar Nellie, fresh off the tour bus, coming in for your one day at the races. Prepare, and stick to your guns… Don’t be afraid to make that play.